Pulmonx Video Showing Progression of Emphysema and placing a Valve

This video shows how emphysema progresses, and how the ‘Zephyr’ valve is fitted. I think this gives a good visual idea of how thing work, and that leads to a better understanding


3 responses to “Pulmonx Video Showing Progression of Emphysema and placing a Valve

  1. My goodness! From what I can gatehr, you’re a very blessed person to have recovered from your illnesses at all. Unfortunately, at the time which you had lung problems, your poor nutrition and lack of physical fitness inhibited your body’s ability to fight off the infection. I hope to the Lord above that you don’t smoke and aren’t around those who do for extended periods of time as this will compound your breathing problems.Also, your lack of physical activity isn’t helping your plight-as long as you remain stagnant, your breathing problems will continue to plague you. I suggest that you begin an exercise routine to recondition your body. With an extended period of inactivity, the body needs to be reintroduced to exercise in order to begin its final state of healing.I have had pneumonia several times in my life, the last two in my early 20 s and it took me 4 months to recuperate all this after several years of absence of asthmatic symptoms and in the peak of my most active period. Believe me, I really do understand.I think that once your asthma medications are adjusted to the most therapeutic level, you can start very small with exercising. It’s gonna be pretty bad to begin with, but take a breathing treatment before you start and have an inhaler on your person AT ALL TIMES and after several trips, you will begin to recuperate. Be patient, it will take time to get well, just as it took time to get sick. Once you get out of the house and become more active, your body will have the energy to begin manufacturing the carbs that you’re taking in.I really hope that I’ve helped and I hope that you find something that helps you feel better. Talk to your doctor before starting any strenuous activity or modifying your medications. I truly hope you feel better soon, God bless.

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