Together for Health – A Respiratory Health Delivery Plan

On Tuesday of this week (29th April), having been invited to attend by Chris Mulholland of the BLF, I was present at the Senedd (home of the Welsh Assembly) for the launch of an initiative, Together for Health – A Respiratory Health Delivery Plan.
This is intended to be a three year plan to take us to 2017. This was an excellent event attended by many Assembly Members, who gave very freely of their time to talk to the other attendees. I met and spoke to the Welsh Minister for Health and Social Security, Mark Drakeford AM, for several minutes about differences in my life before my lung operation and after. I also met and spoke to other AM’s, surgeons, consultants, doctors and respiratory nurses who all have an interest in respiratory disease. Also present were other patients, members of Breathe Easy Groups and representatives from the support industries that keep us going. As well, there were the media with reporters from Welsh papers and news agencies as well as the BBC News, who did a short live broadcast for the One O’clock News, with a more detailed piece later for the evening news. For me, I saw this as a very successful day.
Since then, I have received a copy of the document published by the Welsh Assembly detailing the plan. As it is now published, I can spread it about. Therefore for those interested, it can be accessed at:

Breath easy, everyone


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